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Psalms 18:30

As for God his way is perfect

Brandon Bobo - Gospel Artist

Brandon Bobo was born May 17th, 2001 and raised in Denver, CO. At the young age of 5 years old, Brandon had begun making music  with his older brother Bernard Bobo. With starting a career pursuit in one of the largest industry’s known to business entertainment, standing out to be a successful artist can be a real challenge. However, Brandon’s discovery of musical talents at such a young age certainly did not cause for a concern in that area as his music career had rapidly grew from a hobby into a full time job at such a young age. Even though there was a wide variety of positive attention around Brandon’s young, vibrant, and successful career, there were many critics and outside challenges that began to take a toll on Brandon’s mental stability. By the time Brandon had reached his high school years, the music label Brandon was apart of had become a viral sensation. He had already headlined and sold out his very own showcase at the Roxy Theaters in his home town, accompanied a music tour with Bone Thugz & Harmony, and accrued a combined half a million YouTube views. Within his local community, the attention had brought upon both positive and negative commentary towards him. It wasn’t until half way through his Sophomore year that the weight had become too much to bear and the attention had led him down a path of turmoil. In secret, a deep and heavy depression had came over Brandon that led both him and his music career down a road prepared for destruction. During his secret season of darkness, depression had opened up doors to drug use, alcohol addiction, and suicidal motives. Once these habits became obvious and noticeable by those around him it had become too late. Sadly, his music pursuit had came to a complete halt. Without music being in Brandon’s life, he felt like he had no other purpose, but God had a plan. It wasn’t until January 2021 that God put Brandon’s hand back on the plow. During this time, Brandon had surrendered all his brokeness to Jesus Christ. In doing so, God had blessed him abundantly within the discovery of himself. Not only did Brandon connect with God and begin to establish a genuine relationship with Him, God gave him a purpose. After retiring his harp, God made him pick it back up to spread the glory of God’s work in his testimony. Today, God has broken every chain of addiction, suicidal thoughts, and depression from Brandon. Now he lives everyday to stand on the frontlines to do God’s will. In March of 2021, Brandon locked arms with Bernard Bobo, Joe Montoya aka “Young F8th”, and Pastor Ray Chavez from New Hope Ministries to help develop RMG Ministries. Brandon continues to utilize his passion for videography, producing music for other artist, and creating his own music to spread the Living Word of God. As an artist, he has begun expanding into other styles and genres of music in hopes to gain attention of those in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His new profound passion is to reach the youth and encourages them to follow Jesus Christ. Brandon believe’s in sharing his testimony through music to exemplify the daily struggles as a follower of Christ, to bring truth to the way of a Christian lifestyle,  as well as encouraging those to keep walking and following God’s path. Brandon’s biggest motivation for music is to follow his calling from God and to lead as an example for the younger generations to come.

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