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From Gangs to God

Joe Montoya aka: Young F8th

Joe Montoya was born December 11th, 1991 and raised by the streets of Denver, CO. Like most young men raised in a broken home, a family was a desired need. With little to no guidance, a detour route had presented itself. Joe found himself introduced to a violent gang organization lifestyle around the young age of 12 years old. Throughout his juvenile years, the heavy gang activity involvement had progressed from minor street fights, petty thefts, alcohol and recreational drug use to more extreme violent offenses that ultimately led to a 2-6 year criminal sentence, and had extended to a 7 year sentence after repeated offense violations. It wasn't until 2013 that Joe finally met God for the 1st time. It was in that year that God made an impression on Joe's heart that would never leave. In 2019, he fully committed himself to God and retired the life of a being a gangster to allow God restore what he lost in the world. During Joe's surrenderment to Christ, God had given him a new name. The man who was once known in the world as Joe Montoya aka "Merk", has now been called by God as Young F8th. God had revealed to Young F8th that his spiritual rebirth as a child of God has replaced any lost years in this world by his faith in Jesus Christ. Now today, Young F8th serves as a member of New Hope Ministries teaching a men's rehab program, teaching children's Sunday school, and has been blessed with a ministerial licenses to Evangelize. Upon God equipping Young F8th with a ministry license, Youth F8th has also managed to help co-find RMG Ministries. His involvement in RMG Ministries has allowed him to utilize gospel Hip-Hop/Rap music to try to bring people to Jesus Christ by both music and ministry. Nonetheless, Young F8th's ultimate calling is to spread God's word and witness his testimony to those in need of God's glory.

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