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About RMG

RMG Ministries serves God and their community with great joy and passion. They derive an incredible amount of fulfilment from what they see as their life’s true calling. No matter what you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to connect with them.


A Life of Outreach
Upon development, RMG Ministries has always felt a strong calling to reach the lost. This interest lead them to further their mission, and they ultimately took part in extensive training and study to become an esteemed Ministry through their music.

RMG Ministries now leads a vibrant congregation based out of Denver, CO. It brings them true pleasure to make a difference in their community. This ministry strives to spread the good word of the Gospel and help individuals develop a foundational relationship with our God.

RMG proclaims and studies the Gospel of Jesus Christ and promotes the study of the Holy Spirit. We also provide a multitude of outreach services such as guest appearances at fellow congregations, hosting and contributing to music events based around RMG's ministries, and public services including: prayer meetings/deliverance/worship


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